Our customers never have to handle multiple contractors and vendors. Champion Restoration provides full 360° service on every project.

We manage all aspects of returning property to its pre-loss condition.

Most restoration companies will not manage the entire project from start to finish, but we do. Additionally, our customers have told us that the final product is often better than its original condition!

Other companies in our industry simply remove all wet materials, often referred to as “gutting.”

While gutting all wet materials is much easier and faster—it significantly increases the cost to restore and build back. The cost of In-Place Drying is a fraction of the staggering price tag customers have to pay when they build back everything.

Even in the Restoration phase of the project, Champion Restoration is actively working to save you money in restoring your property to its original condition.

Call (281) 395-9000 now to prevent further damage.

We can have one of our 24-Hour Emergency Response Teams onsite to assess damage & restoration in about an hour.