Whether it is your home or business, when disaster strikes and your belongs need to be sorted and taken off site for cleaning and storage, our expert team is ready to help 24/7.

Our cleaning and storage services include the following solutions:

  • Create an inventory of your items and provide a printed list of belongings.
  • Inventory, pack and transport your contents to our climate-controlled warehouse.
  • Track and document contents throughout the restoration process.
  • Thoroughly restore, clean and deodorize items.
  • Return items to your home or business.

When a fire damages your belongings, our team will be part of the entire restoration process which includes:

  • Assessing your contents to determine the best methods of restoration.
  • Identifying the items that are non-restorable.
  • Determining which items can be cleaned, deodorized and restored on-site and do so.
  • Transporting the items that need further cleaning and restoration to our secured warehouse for cleaning.

Call (281) 395-9000 now to prevent further damage.

We can have one of our 24-Hour Emergency Response Teams onsite to assess damage & restoration in about an hour.