Champion Restoration is an award-winning restoration company specializing in mold remediation.  Mold is an unwanted substance that grows in your home and It can be very dangerous for you and your family. The mold experts at Champion Restoration ensure to follow all industry and state guidelines for mold remediation.

Hiring the Right Mold Removal Company

Removal of mold needs to be performed by a licensed firm such as Champion Restoration. A firm must be experienced and trained and follow strict guidelines for removing mold. Insurance for mold remediation is called pollution coverage as well as general liability.  Homeowners should ask for proof of such when engaging with any company for mold remediation as it protects their home and themselves should there be any mishap during remediation.

Not all home inspectors are trained in inspecting and determining mold; same goes for general contractors. If your home inspector or contractor thinks they discovered mold, contact Champion Restoration to inspect the damage. We will be able to identify if mold exists and properly quote and scope on safe mold removal.

Sometimes, when a mold inspection is being performed and the scope of work is not clear or bigger than what has been anticipated, then the involvement of a third-party environmental consultant may be necessary. They will perform mold testing and/or air sampling to determine if the mold spores have spread to other areas of your indoor environment. This testing is extremely important as it is the best way to clearly identify if the air quality in your home is healthy for you and your loved ones. Mold spores are microscopic and without performing air testing, it would be impossible to determine whether there are any unwanted mold spores in your home.  The consultant will perform the air quality testing and make a detailed report with the remediation protocol that is it needed. The company providing the mold removal service should follow the remediation protocol precisely as it is written.  On a side note, the remediation company doing the work should not also be performing the testing, as this becomes a conflict of interest. The report provided by the consultant will give the following information:

  • The levels of mold within your controlled environment (usually taken outside your property).
  • What types of mold are present in the areas of concern
  • The levels of mold that are present in the areas of concern
  • Which areas are elevated
  • Scope of work required to remediate and removal of the elevated mold

Once the protocol has been provided to you, homeowners must contact a professional mold removal company such as Champion Restoration to bring their property back to a healthy, mold-free environment.

Mold FAQs

Q: Why Does Mold Grow?

Mold is everywhere in our environment and often can be hidden within the wall cavities and unseen to the human eye.  Mold will start to form and become visible when it is given the right conditions.

Mold needs three things to grow:

  • A home to grow – any organic material (ie. wood, fabrics)
  • A water source
  • Lack of air flow

When given these three characteristics, mold will start to grow.

Q:How fast can mold grow?

It does not take much time for mold to grow. Mold can grow in as quickly as 24 hours when given the proper conditions mentioned above.

It is extremely important that if you have experienced water damage or a flood to use an IICRC certified firm to properly dry the structure.  If not, secondary damages, including the growth of mold has a high possibility of occurring.

Q: Is all mold harmful?

Everyone reacts to mold differently. Certain people have more sensitivity to mold than others.

There are certain types of mold that are more harmful than others; however, if mold spores become too elevated, any type can affect the human body. One of the more harmful molds is “Stachybotrys” or “Toxic Black Mold” – this type of mold should not be present in any living space.

Q: Can mold exist even if I can’t see it?

Yes, as previously mentioned, mold is everywhere. Mold spores are smaller than dust particles, so they are sometimes not visible by the human eye.

The real issue lies when the mold spores inside our living environment become elevated and this can lead to health issues.

Q: How do I know if there are elevated mold spores in my home?

If mold has started to grow in your home, then that is the first sign that there could be elevated mold spores in the air. However; the only way to be 100% positive is to have a mold inspection completed.

Air Quality Testing will be necessary to identify if mold is present, and what type. This must be performed by a licensed and experienced environmentalist.  They will perform an in-depth comprehensive site investigation to determine the source and locations of mold growth so an effective remediation protocol can be implemented to not only address the mold issue, but also prevent it from returning in the future.

Q: Does a musty smell in my home mean mold?

A musty earthy smell can mean that there is mold and water present – which is not a good sign. To determine if it is related to water or mold, you must have air quality testing done and moisture readings.

Q: Can I remove mold myself?

Some molds are safe for you to remove yourself, but it is best to consult a mold removal specialist first. We advise homeowners to not deal with any mold-related issue themselves because you may cross-contaminate your home with mold spores. Once mold has been disturbed it becomes airborne and can travel throughout other areas of your home, causing more damage to the situation.

Q: Who should remove mold?

Hiring the right company is extremely important when it comes to safe mold removal. The company must be certified and trained with the knowledge and experience as well as insured.

A proper inspection is important in determining the source, scope of work to remove the mold, and costs associated. During the inspection, pictures and all pertinent information will be collected and provided to you in a scope of work along with the estimate. It will break down step by step what the process will entail.

At Champion Restoration, we have a specialized division of employees that work around the clock to help solve all your mold-related needs. All our technicians are certified and trained.  We follow all industry guidelines when it comes to safe mold removal.  Call Champion Restoration today to speak to one of our licensed mold experts at (281) 395-9000.

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